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Natural and Organic Based

Lawn, Tree, and Shrub Care

Healthy Soil leads to Healthy Plants

Natural and Organic Based Tree and Shrub Care

Our mission here at Green-Up starts from the bottom up, that’s right,  creating a healthy plant starts with building soil health. Our custom blended, environmentally friendly, natural based fertilizers, coupled with, great seed, all natural lime, a friendly staff, trained technicians, they all add up to great plants. Whether it’s a lawn, tree or shrub, the health of the soil is the largest factor in reducing pesticide use.

Green-Up Turf Care has been doing business since 1988.  Green-Up Turf Care began as a landscape company in 1988 and was involved in everything from design work to managing landscape plant health, landscape bed weed control, and all aspects of turf care renovation and maintenance. It’s no wonder with our diverse background we have been able to get to the bottom of most any plant issue.

Your Lawn is our biggest advertisement. If your property doesn’t look good, we don’t look good.  Give us a call or fill out our quick contact form. Let Green-Up show you how to get great results today.We service all of Bucks County, and are owner operated. That’s right we are not a franchise and we are still small enough to make YOU our biggest customer!

Natural and Organic Based Lawn Care

Our complete Natural and Organic based Lawn Care program provides you with a greener thicker healthier lawn that’s draws many nutrients from the living soil all season long. Our products feed these living organisms which builds a much healthier plant.

Natural and Organic based Tree and Shrub Care

Call us today for greener healthier trees and shrubs. Protect your plants from harmful insects like borers, aphids scale and bagworms with timely IPM insect monitoring and treatments. Balanced bio-stimulants feed plant tissue and soil giving your landscape the ability to fight off disease while increasing plant vigor naturally.

 IPM Landscape Bed Weed Control

Tired of pulling weeds? Why not try a landscape bed weed control program? Pulling most weeds bring new weeds seeds to the surface, and with tens of thousands of weed seeds in the soil it’s easy to see why pulling them is a never ending battle. Our trained staff can reduce these weed populations in the soil using our IPM Weed Management Program