Lawn Care and Fertilization

PA Turf Care Program

Crabgrass Control with Fertilizer:  This treatment when applied in early spring will aid in the prevention of crabgrass. It also provides a phosphorus free fertilizer to thicken turf and help aid in winter recovery.             
Broadleaf Weed Control, Surface insect and season long Grub Control:  A late spring treatment to reduce all types of turf damaging insects and broadleaf weeds that hinder the look and health of turfgrass.
Summer Slow Release Fertilizer: A phosphorus free slow release summer fertilizer to help lawns fight off disease while promoting vital nutrients to heat and drought stressed plants.
Broadleaf Weed Control, Post Emergent Crabgrass and Nutsedge Control:  A timely treatment to aid in the reduction of nutsedge, crabgrass, and broadleaf weeds that germinate during the late spring. (Nutsedge is a light colored grassy weed that grows and multiplies rapidly)
Early Fall Fertilizer:  A  phosphorus free fertilizer  applied to summer stressed turf to help turf grass thicken and restore vigor from summer conditions.
Dormant Fertilizer:  A quick release Phosphorus free fertilizer to quickly enter plants during the late fall/early winter months to help reduce winter injury.
Lime Application:  A Granular lime treament that naturally raises the pH, optimizing the nutrients that are “locked up” in the soil.