The First Day of Spring?

The first day of spring I would think should be exciting. A warm sun hitting your face, squirrels and birds busy exploring my backyard.  Hmm… no, 4am I found frozen puddles in the parking lots we service for snow removal, I salted those. My coffee nearly froze in the 5 minutes it took me to gather my things from the truck and enter the buildng. There is snow in the forecast tonight and Im not sure if it will rain snow sleet or whatever. I think the weatherman could be Continue reading »

To Spray or not to Spray!

We wrestle with this question every spring. Spring weeds or winter annuals, as we like to call them, begin germinating in November and December. These weeds  pop their ugly little heads up as soon as the snow melts, or in the case this year, late Feburary. They quickly go to flower, and just as quick, whether they are mowed off or burned out they are gone. That is their life cycle. The question remains, Do we spray them? I say Continue reading »

Winter is almost here!

Although I love the fresh smell of grass, I enjoy fresh fallen snow. Snow plowing is a large part of our winter services. There is nothing like a late night snow when all you hear are the flakes falling. There is also a thrill of cleaning up all that snow. Although it can be challenging, it is very rewarding. People depend on you to get a job done and there is a sense of pride and accomplishment when the job is complete. All that white stuff helps us appreciate spring. Our seasons last just long enough to let us hope for change. Do something different this winter, enjoy building a snowman, winging a snowball, or just looking outside and taking in the pure white snow. Spring is coming soon enough!


No more dry lawns!

Quality seed grows a quality lawn

Ah yes August, the transition month. This is the month we look anxiously for the night time temperature’s to drop and the rains to start. Grass will begin slowly recovering from summer heat and drought stress, and lawn fungus will begin to grow out. We will begin assessing properties looking for areas that did not favor so well from the summer. Fall is a great time to seed!

When to plant grass seed

Is this your lawn?Often times people ask “when is the best time to plant grass seed?”,

Planting in the fall is always best, temperatures are lower and rainfall increases. We don’t have to deal with weeds, crabgrass and in most cases drought. Also we find that we have the entire fall and most of the spring to develop a great roots system to survive summer time conditions of heat and drought.